How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans.

The holy grail of a man’s casual wardrobe.

Denim can be dressed up…..

….dressed down….

…..and worn to pretty much any event short of a black tie gathering.

And even then, wearing black jeans and boots can get you by in certain areas of the Southern US!

So if jeans are so great, why do some men wear jeans that make them look bad?

Why do so many men find it difficult to find the perfect jeans?

3 Reasons

  1. A lack of understanding of what jeans look good on their body
  2. A lack of suitable styles available when they make the selection
  3. Confusion about the style details such as weight, wash, and detailing.

Well in this article – we help you solve these issues so you can find the perfect pair!

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How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Jeans | 5 Common Denim Styles And What’s Right For Your Body Type


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5 Common Denim Fits Available For Men

Jeans are marked with labels like skinny, slim or straight – these are an indication of the body type the jeans are designed for.

  1. Skinny – The latest addition to the jeans family, this style is a tighter fit with a tapered leg opening. Generally low to mid-rise with a zipper fly. Skinny from hip to hem.
  2. Slim – Not too tight, not too loose. Generally mid-rise with a zip fly. Straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening.
  3. Regular – Straight leg jeans, generally with a mid-rise. The trouser leg falls straight from the knee to hem, with a fairly large leg opening. Straight through hip and thigh.
  4. Relaxed   A loose fit from the waist to the leg opening, a relaxed cut denim is not going to hug any part of your body.
  5. Loose – A baggy fit. The roomiest fit of jeans, provides plenty of space in the thighs, legs and butt for men who need it.

best mens jeans

Apart from picking the style, two other important consideration for purchasing the right denim pants are the rise of the jeans and sizing.

The rise is the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband. The basic rises in men’s jeans are – high rise, mid rise, low rise and low crotch.

  • High rise jeans are great for bigger guys. It’s  best to avoid tucking in your shirt with high rise jeans. Worn above the belly button.
  • Medium or mid rise jeans are great for men who prefer to tuck their shirts into their pants. The waistband skims the belly button.
  • Low rise jeans offer a casual fit and appear a more relaxed appearance. Worn below the belly button.
  • Low crotch jeans are worn low on the waist. These are drop-crotch pants, a style is saggy at the hips, seat, and rear.

types of jeans

The sizing on a pair of jeans refers to two measurements.

Sizing example – 32×34

  • 32 refers to the waist size.
  • 34 refers to the inseam length (the measurement from the crotch to the floor on the inside leg of the pants).

Choosing The Right Jeans For The 5 Body Types

To find the most flattering style of jeans requires trial and error, but the following tips will help you find what fits best on your body type.


best fitting jeansThe Perfect Jeans For Thin Men

Men who are slender from top to bottom. Sometimes referred to as ectomorphic, this kind of body has a light build and is characterized by a flat chest, small shoulders and lean muscles.

This body type has a fast metabolism and finds it difficult to gain weight.

What To Wear 

  • Straight leg jeans with a low rise thatflatters your slender build. They are roomy without drawing attention to your undefined legs.

Styles To Avoid

  • Wide leg and baggy jeans will look too loose on you.
  • Skinny jeans make you look even slimmer. They tend to be too roomy – creating a sloppy appearance and draw attention to your skinny legs.
  • High rise jeans will make your bum look flat.

Click here to view the full infographic – The Best Jeans For Your Body Type


how should jeans fitThe Perfect Jeans For Athletic Men  

The athletic man has a slim waist with muscular legs and buttocks. Justify the hard work in the gym by wearing jeans that accentuate your toned body.

What Fit To Wear 

  • Slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans suit athletic men.
  • Low rise styles are better than high rise ones.
  • Pockets on the jeans should be small and wider set – to show off your toned bum.

Styles To Avoid

  • Baggy jeans that hide the form of your body.
  • Regular fits with wide legs are going to create an imbalance by making your legs appear larger in comparison to your upper body.

Click here to view the full infographic – The Best Jeans For Your Body Type


jean fitsThe Perfect Jeans For Muscular Men

Stocky men who frequent the squat rack at the gym have much bigger legs. A pair of straight leg jeans ends up looking like skinny jeans on them.

What To Wear

  • A regular fit with a wider leg looks best on muscular men. This style accentuates the toned body.
  • Pockets should be large, close together and deep. These pockets will make your behind look smaller.

Styles To Avoid

  • Boot cut jeans –  the flare will make you look heavier.
  • Too tight, skinny jeans that leave nothing to the imagination and make your muscles appear bulkier.
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